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Looking for a full size picture to a Paramore graphic but can't find it? Ask here!


Welcome to fullsizepmore, a Paramore full size community!

Looking for a full size picture to a Paramore graphic but can't find it? Ask here!


Please understand that if your post does not meet the following rules/guidelines, it will be rejected.

• You MUST put more than THREE to FIVE graphics under an LJ cut. If you fail to do this, your post will automatically be rejected.

• Any images bigger than 400px must be put under a cut.

• Please do not make requests for icons and/or graphics. You can do that elsewhere.

• If someone asks you to take down a personal picture, please take it down.

• While crediting a person for a graphic is not necessary, it is appreciated.

• Please limit yourself to no more than two posts a day. If you've already made two posts within the same day but want another full size picture, edit a previous post and ask for it there instead of making a completely different one, or wait until the next day to make another post.

• All posts must be friends only, but they're automatically set so you don't have to worry about that.

• Please do not ask for pictures that may be an invasion of privacy to any member(s) of Paramore.

This community is strictly for asking for full sizes to Paramore pictures and/or requesting specific pictures of Paramore. Please do not post about anything else!


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If you'd like to be affiliates with us, please leave a comment in this entry.